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Do we live in Paradise without realizing it?

The Tale of the Truth is about the new world view that is emerging, about consciousness raising and the interconnectedness of all things. It shows similarities between quantum physics and Eastern philosophy and weaves together personal and transpersonal development with the development of society. The book brings pieces together and explains the most complex facts in a simple and understandable way. The Tale of the Truth describes the world we can create by expanding our consciousness; what we can do individually and together to create a viable world. It emphasizes the importance of vision and intention, and the role of business life in the transition we are going through where work and business are seen as platforms for personal growth. The book o­ffers many exercises guiding us to higher states of consciousness, such as managing our thoughts, going beyond thought, freeing ourselves from negative and painful emotions. It also includes breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Tools to move from a fragmented state to a coherent state of mind “ to find inner peace and joy, meaning and purpose in life. We are living in the middle of a miracle but rarely have the time to see it.

What if this really is Paradise but in a Do-It-Yourself structure!

By Marianne Hallberg