Guidance to your unique expression

Marie Örnesved

I started LighSpira in 2010 to create and cocreate from the Heart. It has been a wonderful journey. Not only have I learned from the author’s journeys and insights, it has also helped me develop a capacity to go deep and release unique gifts both in myself and in others. A beautiful organisation has emerged as we cocreate with life in the flow of  love. If you feel called to publish with LightSpira then look at the page Cocreating in LightSpira. You will know if LighSpira is you. If so, please send me a message or  book an introductory meeting.

In additional to publishing books I also offer guidance and facilitation to people and organisations who are in the process of shifting into loving, trusting and joyous spaces where every individual’s unique gifts can be released and where joyful cocreation is as natural as drinking water! If you want to know more go here.