Guiding individuals to their unique expression

I have had the privilege to work very closely to the people who have published through LightSpira. To write a book from your innermost space can be like giving birth. This is maybe why they say that I have been like a midwife to them in their process. I rarely take on new authors but I do offer my services to people who want to shift into a loving, trusting and joyous space which enables their unique gifts to emerge. Are you one of them? Go to JoySense Navigation Sessions at the JoyVentures site to read more.


Marie Örnesved

Marie Örnesved

I offer you a space based on my unique mix of experiences. I have many years in executive positions in more “traditional” businesses mixed with deep experiences how to lead and create from an authentic space. I would be honoured to be with you to release your unique gifts and joyful power.

Inspirational Books

in English and Swedish


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