Marie Örnesved

My Joy is to be in the Cocreative Dance connected through the Heart in the Field of the Unlimited!

I have had the fortune to study that which is beyond the traditional for almost a decade now as I moved away from business (busy-is-ness). My journey has led me to stepping into my own power and gifts. I would not say it has been an easy ride, but well worth the efforts and I am grateful for all the learning and experiencies. I share some of my insights in blogposts on the JoyVentures site where you are very welcome to join in.

Creating a book is a really nice excuse to get to know another person at a very deep level. We work together to set free that persons unique gifts and energy as we birth the book.

I do not only work on book project, but offer guidance and facilitation to you who are in the process of shifting into a loving, trusting and joyous space where your unique gifts is released. My role is to listen deeply into the field with you so that you will hear you inner voice and  guidance. This is a great joy to me – to be a fellow traveller for some time on your journey to self mastery!

I also offer process (facilitation) for teams and organisations that want to set free their creative (joyous) energy, so let’s talk about what it is you need.

If you are ready to get to know more, just go ahead and book an introductory meeting!

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