Marie Örnesved

One very special day in 2009 a concept just “appeared” when Ralph Jenkins and I was doing some other work on a whiteboard. It was what 3 moths later became the book Sensitelligent – a guide to life. The book is written for anyone that want to understand more about energies, intuition and also to transform their fear and control issues into a more trusting life. It was so much fun working on this book and also to find out that I knew a lot of things that I did not know i knew…..

To write this book was the starting point for totally redirecting my life into a more joyous, peaceful and intuitive place. It also eventually led me to start LightSpira and to play with how we can cocreate in a very different way. I am truly grateful for this gift from the universe and how it has led me to the place where I am today. It also led me to initiate LightSpira and to start cocreate all that you see. You can read more about me and what I am up to here.

Founder of LightSpira