I am fortunate to live in a very beautiful place called Mörkö. It is an island in the archipelago not far from Stockholm. “Mörkö” in Swedish literally means “the dark island”. I find it amusing that I work from this place recognizing that everyone who wants to be a light in the world has to embrace their darkness.

My wish is to connect with people, like yourself, in love, trust and integrity. I know that the world is a lovely place when these qualities prevail. I also know that it can be a very harsh place. It takes a lot of courage to be in the moment and let life unfold. It is so beautiful when we allow and accept the flow of life, the source of great miracles.

I have explored many avenues. I combine my previous experiences as head of IT and Logistics for a global company with a deep understanding of energies – how we can create and co-create using our intuition to connect to the emerging future. This will make it possible to create resilient and sustainable businesses. Many would say I left a great career. I think it is just a matter how you look upon success. I am very grateful for the experience. I am also grateful for the tremendous shift that I have made. Today I feel connected to life.

I currently study how we can unlock the hidden parts of our DNA so that we can express more of our unique aspects and gifts. I believe that every person has their own gift (and purpose) to share with the world. The more we can help one another to unlock our gifts, the more sustainable our world will become. Just imagine that we all live our lives in a loving and trusting experience rather than from fear.

If you want to know more about me then you will find a short summary in my LinkedIn profile. Or even better, why don’t you drop me a line? I am always happy to connect!