Time Please

business as usual is closing

TIME PLEASE, the party is over, business as usual is closing! Planet Earth can’t take MORE of what we do today. We have to find a road not yet travelled to create a sustainable future. The world”s situation is similar to that of when a person seeks therapy and says, “My life is unsatisfactory, but I don’t know what to do” . Through an open-minded interaction between outer and inner reality we can gain a real experience that is different to anything ever before thought possible, according to author Mikael Curman, a Gestalt therapist with a business background. He shares his insights obtained from over thirty years of dialogue with people in need for change and offers valuable tools we can use to navigate life in a changing world.

By Mikael Curman


Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-91-86613-08-2
Pages: 138
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Published Feb 5, 2012

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Published Sep1, 2014