Publish with LightSpira

LightSpira backgound and principles

LightSpira started in 2010 with the idea that important messages could be published world-wide in a simpler way than was available at the time. It was crucial to regard the authors as messenger in the midst of disruptive times. The publisher’s role was to support them with little interference regarding content, as long as there was resonance to the LightSpira intention. Value sharing was a key principle; cocreators could decide how much each contributor would get as a share of the profit. LightSpira would get a small value per book sold for maintaining the platform. These founding principles still apply. We have continued to work in a cocreative manner which has led us to some deep insights how organisations can continually emerge.

The book publishing market has changed. Self-publishing is very common and a lot of platforms exist that can do the work for you. So, why publish with LightSpira?

LightSpira is like a community garden, a cocreated energy where everyone that is part of it contribute with his or her specific energy. By being ourselves and acting according to our inner guidance we are expanding a field that we have in common.

We published the first book in 2011 and have since then published 2-4 books per year, so our values are not about the amount of books published. What matters is the feeling of family, of belonging, and the creating of, and in, the LightSpira energy. The number of books published every year is determined by our ability to remain personal during the whole process. Currently we can take 1-2 new cocreators/messengers yearly.

Is LightSpira for you?

  • Do you feel in resonance to the energy of LightSpira? In which way? Can you feel that you are a part of LightSpira?
  • Is it important to you that people go within to be who they are from their true nature?
  • Do you feel connected to the intention of LightSpira “To guide businesses and individuals to their true expression”?
  • In what ways will your book help create a more magical world?